Beyond Shame

Beyond ShameBeyond Shame
by Kit Rocha
Published by Indie
on September 16th 2012
Genres: BDSM, Erotica, Sexy Romance
Pages: 351
Sex: four-stars
Overall Grade: B+

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I read this book a week or so ago and didn’t get a chance to post a review right away. I finally got the chance to sit down and write about it and it’s been great going back and seeing what I highlighted. I read a lot of books so some don’t always stick with me, but as I look back at the book I realize how much stayed and how much I enjoyed it.

“Move, sweetheart. You want me? Fuck me.”

Book One in the Beyond Series is about a girl named Noelle who is kicked out of her perfect city and thrown into the dark regions of Sector Four. She has been drugged and is being followed by some creepy guy waiting to attack her when she is saved by Jasper… one of the sexy O’Kane gang leaders. Jas takes her in and gives her a safe place to stay until she can figure out what to do next. Prepare yourself; this story is kinky hot!

Noelle is innocent and somewhat ignorant of what has actually been going on around her. She was raised in Eden which is the city for the rich and morally righteous. Noelle was raised to believe that sex was bad and her thoughts were impure. I liked that Noelle was curious and her desires were dark. Right away she was down to service several men and get into the group sex. I loved that there weren’t any excuses made as to why… girl just needed to get a dick in her. I can respect that.

He bit her ear, sharp and rough. “What should I put inside you next?”
“Anything you want. Because I’m dirty.”

Jasper is a big, hulking, alpha tease. He wants to let Noelle find her own way and not make her decision to choose him because she doesn’t know anyone else. I liked that he wanted to give her time to figure out what she truly wanted after her life was controlled for her for so long. Jas was one of those quiet brooding guys that shows up when it’s time to fuck. I loved his style, even though keeping our heroine at a distance was frustrating at times.

“I’m going to kiss you while he fucks you with his tongue.”

The sex in this book is SO hot. There are group sex scenes, group play, face cum shots, and the list goes on…. what more could you want? I loved that there wasn’t the jealousy that normally goes along with our hero and heroine being shared. It kind of reminded me of the Shadowland series where they are all at a club playing and you ask permission. It felt like a safe consensual environment for pleasure and that made it so much hotter.

Overall, this story was exciting and sexy. There are other couples that surround our main characters and their stories are next in the series. I loved the action in this book and how it kept it exciting. If you are looking for a Science Fiction/Dystopian series this one is HOT! If you haven’t read something like that before, then this is a perfect book to ease you into it. There are six books out in this series already so it’s enough to keep your Kindle busy for a while! Loved the book, great start to a new series for me.


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  1. EVH says

    Spot-on review. I read all the books in this series and the sex in each one is different but just as hot.
    My only complaint is that I wish there had been a prologue to explain more of these “sectors” and what had happened to make this world they live in like it is. The author almost takes it for granted that the readers understand all this.
    Love you ladies and stalk you on Twitter ALL the time!

  2. Kim says

    This is one of my favorite series! Not only are the storylines intriguing and the dystopian world fascinating, the characters are fascinating, and the sex is off. the. charts hot. I’m surprised that you haven’t read this series. It’s a must-read!

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