Show Me, Baby: 1001 Dark Nights

Show Me, Baby: 1001 Dark NightsShow Me, Baby
by Cherise Sinclair
Published by Indie
on August 12th 2014
Genres: BDSM, Erotica, Quickie, Sexy Romance
Pages: 173
Sex: two-stars
Overall Grade: D-

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I read this one a while back and completely forgot to write a review for it. I think this was mostly because it was so forgettable and the fact that I used to be a HUGE Shadowlands fan… but after the last three books I give up. This novella has the same plot line as all the others before: Heavy BDSM with a basic love story.

“I enjoy seeing you in this position, sweetling. Giving me your breasts. Offering your cunt.”

Jake is a “31 year old veteran, veterinarian, and a sexual dominant since his first year in vet school.” *Facepalm* This was 3% in and yet I read on.

Rainie was a smart girl working for an asshole and trying to get out of Florida. *yawns*

The sex wasn’t as bad as Master Sam’s book, but it was pretty forgettable. The scenes were fairly mild,and nothing new we haven’t experienced before from Mrs Sinclair. I was HOPING she would pull out some new tricks and surprise us with some new play… but this was baby bondage at best.

“I like your little whimpers when I’m balls deep,” he whispered. “I like how your cunt squeezes my cock as you come.”

After hating Master Sam’s book and skimming Sally’s this one was another disappointment. Overall, this novella was supposed to revive the series by working with other BDSM authors in creating the 1001 Dark Nights. I am confused as to what this project is going to be or where the story goes from here. In the end, I was left with a well written story that has been written before… by this author. I think anyone who hasn’t read The Shadowland series should got for it… and then stop after Master Raoul. It peaked for me in To Command and Collar.


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Masters of the Shadowlands Series
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Risking It All

Risking It AllRisking It All
by JM Stewart
Published by Penguin
on September 16th 2014
Genres: Sexy Romance
Pages: 213
Sex: one-star
Overall Grade: C

AmazonBarnes & NoblesGoodreads
She’s everything he wants…

For years, Kyle Morgan has hidden his true feelings from the gorgeous girl next door that he grew up loving and protecting. But when she shows up at his apartment in the middle of the night, desperately needing comfort and support, his iron will begins to waver…

…and the only thing he can’t bear to lose.

Kyle was always the big brother Cecelia Anton never had, but suddenly her goofy best friend has become a sexy man she can’t keep her thoughts—or hands—off of. As their deep connection melts into uncontrollable desire, Ceci is willing to put it all on the line for a shot at true love. Only Kyle is keeping a terrible secret about Ceci’s past that could destroy not only their lifelong friendship but their happily-ever-after…

reviewThat sounds nice doesn’t it? It sounds nice and gentle and quiet and slightly anonymous but simultaneously likable. Well, it is! Kyle (beta to the max, alpha fans) has been in love with Ceci his entire life but he’s keeping a terrible secret (he knows about her past and she has a spot of retrograde amnesia that ensures her early childhood is a black pit o’ nothing). Ceci’s late granny (she’s dead – it isn’t like she constantly, like, showed up late to stuff) made Kyle promise to never tell her what happened, but as Ceci keeps on having violent nightmares, it’s fairly clear what’s she’s forgotten. Add on to this the fact that Ceci’s only got herself knocked up by her no-good boyfriend, who promptly freaks out and disappears at this news. Ceci has no other option but to turn to her BFF and her only family, Kyle. Kyle is basically friendzone made flesh and he offers Ceci a shoulder to cry on (and an erection to politely ignore). While all this shoulder crying and erection ignoring is going on, Ceci becomes more and more convinced that Kyle knows more about her past that he lets on. And Friendzone Kyle’s heart is hurt, his soul is achey and his penis is erect.

And that’s the book. It’s a solid example of the usual American small-town contemporary romance. There’s the cop hero, the pretty heroine, the big, happy family and the dreadful dark secret. It doesn’t really have huge moments of tension or intrigue and while I would’ve liked for Kyle to get a bit more assertive, he can’t do that because of his guilt at lying to Ceci. I’m not sure if the majestically filthy readers of this blog would necessarily go for this tameness and PG-level romance but I somewhat enjoyed it.


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by Sawyer Bennett
Published by Indie
on September 8th 2014
Genres: BDSM, Erotica, Sexy Romance
Pages: 361
Sex: four-stars
Overall Grade: B-

AmazonBarnes & NoblesGoodreads
Putting a woman on her knees before me is what really makes my cock hard. I fuck with dominant force and absolute control. I demand complete surrender from my conquests.

Savage man, loner, warrior… I am dangerous at my core. I have lived amidst the untamed wild of the rainforest, in a society that reveres me and where every woman falls before me in subjugation.

Now I’ve been discovered. Forced to return to a world that I have forgotten about and to a culture that is only vaguely familiar to my senses.

Dr. Moira Reed is an anthropologist who has been hired to help me transition back into modern society. It’s her job to smooth away my rough edges… to teach me how to navigate properly through this new life of mine. She wants to tame me.

She’ll never win.

I am wild, free and raw, and the only thing I want from the beautiful Moira Reed is to fuck her into submission.

She wants it, I am certain.

I will give it to her soon.

Yes, very soon, I will become the teacher and she will become my student. And when I am finished showing her body pleasure like no other, she’ll know what it feels like to be claimed by an uncivilized man.

reviewThis sounds like a strange book, doesn’t it? And it kind of is, I’m not gonna lie. Zach, the son of American missionaries was raised in an Amazonian tribe cut off from modernity. Anthropologist Moira decamps to Brazil, as a favour to Zach’s godfather, to fetch Zach and bring him back. This doesn’t go down well with Zach because he quite likes hunting anacondas and throwing spears and almost raping tribeswomen. Yes, there are quite a few ‘problematic’ details in this book, but let’s get the story out of the way. Zach resents Moira for taking him away from his home and bringing him to an unfamiliar and noisy place. His resentment is compounded when he realises he wants to make sexy love to Moira, whom he blames entirely for this upheaval, but Moira (understandably) sees the ickyness in fucking her vulnerable charge. Happily, she soon gets over that and she begins to school young Zach in the art of modern sexing.

So, let’s talk about that title.. I don’t know who came up with that but it’s bad. Really bad. Am I being over-sensitive with this? Zach isn’t uncivilised – he can hunt, he cares for his adopted family and his tribe, he respects his tribe’s traditions and wishes to protect them. Okay, so the ‘mating’ rituals of the tribe are fucked up and we don’t get anywhere near the condemnation I would’ve liked, but calling him uncivilised is so, well, colonialist. Is it ironic? I’d get it if it were ironic but I don’t think it is. And the book is actually sensitive to this ‘civility’ question. The reader understands his frustration at these arbitrary rules, like using eating utensils and wearing clothes and maintaining a certain coyness about sex. And Zach himself uses ‘uncivilised’ in a playful, sweet way, but having it as the title didn’t really sit well with me.

Other than that, I enjoyed this book. The sex was really hot, Moira was kind and understanding (way more understanding than I would have been), and Zach has enough innate decency to be a sympathetic character. The godfather angle could have been much more explosive, but there’s more than enough to be getting on with here. Very enjoyable.


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Dirty Discoveries (New Releases) Oct 23rd



I love two things-books and bad boys. I’m trying to kick the bad boy habit and hold on to the loving books one. When I take the new librarian position in Fortune, I immediately say yes when the Chief of Police asks me out and deliberately turn my back on the bad motorcycle riding boys that litter the Fortune landscape. After all, my bad boy yen was kick started by the frequent absences of my nomad father. But no one turns down a man like Judge, the president of the Death Lords MC, not even a girl trying to be good.

When Pippa Lang breezes into town in her little red convertible, the wind blowing out her big red hair, there is no way the dirty Chief of Police is going to keep her. That red hair belongs on my pillow and her hot body between my sheets. And no one, not the Chief, not the town, and not even Pippa, is going to stop that from happening.

HER SECRET PLEASURE is a complete novella over 27,000 words. No cliffhangers–only hot and sexy romance. The Motorcycle Clubs series is romance for readers who want all of the heat and emotion, but who don’t have all of the time.

Forth book in the The Motorcycle Clubs books. Each are standalone stories. ALL BOOKS IN SERIES ARE .99 cents and FREE for Kindle Unlimited users
Series order: His Wild Desire | Off Limits | Wanting it All | Her Secret Pleasure

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sheriffWhen Kitty hears about the notorious ‘panty raid’ happening at a bar Friday night, she heads in looking for a good time with no strings attached. She might want to get laid, but she does not want to be part of any motorcycle club’s lifestyle. She’s not good with following directions or taking orders, and she’s been told that’s what an old lady does.

But when she meets Gemini and Domino, everything changes. The dual presidents of the Bedlam Butchers, they stake their claim on Kitty and decide to show her what the club lifestyle is really about: riding free, living on the edge, and letting them show her just how good being claimed by two men can be. Kitty might like being the center of their attentions, but when her life takes a dangerous turn, she has to decide who to trust both in bed and out of it.

This novella contains boy on girl on boy, fun on AND under a table, and a naughty heroine who gives as good as she gets.

PACKING DOUBLE is a complete novella. No cliffhangers—only hot and sexy romance. The Motorcycle Clubs series is romance for readers who want all of the heat and emotion, but who don’t have all of the time.

Fifth book in the The Motorcycle Clubs books. Each are standalone stories. ALL BOOKS IN SERIES ARE .99 cents and FREE for Kindle Unlimited users
Series order: His Wild Desire | Off Limits | Wanting it All | Her Secret Pleasure | Packing Double

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sheriffA cold-blooded killer wants her dead.

After her friend is murdered right before her eyes, Taylor uses her wits to escape with just a bullet wound, thankful to be alive. But now the killer isn’t the only one after her—the cops are, too, and Taylor’s not sure she can trust them—or anybody else in her life in California. She decides to turn to her old friend in Vegas, racing there with just the clothes on her back, only to arrive and realize he’s off on his honeymoon. Desperate, she breaks in and crashes.

A former Marine is determined to protect her.

When former Marine Roman MacNeil finds a gorgeous stranger unconscious and bleeding in his friend’s shower, his first thought is to help her . . . until she tries to knock him out with a vodka bottle. Lucky for Taylor, Roman isn’t a man who goes down easily. When he realizes the trouble she’s in, he’s determined to protect her—whatever it takes. As they’re thrust into a deadly situation they discover an attraction they never bargained for. But a determined killer is closing in, and time may be running out.

Forth book in The Serafina: Sin City Series. Each standalone stories.
Series order: First Surrender (.99 cents) | Sensual Surrender | Sweetest Surrender | Dangerous Surrender

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I think my dick is broken.

I haven’t fucked in three months.

That’s how pathetic the situation has become. I haven’t had a dry spell like this since…well—never.

People like me don’t have dry spells.In New York, if you’re twenty-six, richer than God, and still can’t get laid…that’s just fucked up.

Except this isn’t even my fault—I can’t help that hours of nothing but old geezers in suits talking about negotiations and acquisitions bores my dick to dormancy.

I fucking wish I was bi-polar. Then one of my alter egos could have a better libido.

Instead, I’m given the personal assistant from hell.


The only thing worse than being a personal assistant is being one for your high school nemesis.

But if this is the only way I can escape the family business, so be it.

I can bite my tongue and shit on my pride for a few months…I hope.

First part in a brand new series (.99 cents)

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sheriffRachel thought she could make a name for herself in the medical field working with the hybrids of Luna Lodge. She never expected to be trapped between the deadly plans of the Horatius Group and the paranoia of the Luna Lodge hybrids. Even though they now distrust her and want her gone, she can’t leave while her closest friend is at death’s door.

Marius is tired of the disrespect of the other hybrids and the distracting Rachel. While he can’t deny his strong attraction to the doctor, her sharp personality makes her hard to deal with. Though he knows she wants to help the hybrids, he isn’t sure if the emotional armor she wears makes her a good fit. At the same time, he doesn’t want her to leave and to miss his one chance at a true mate.

When hybrids start falling ill under mysterious circumstances, Rachel and Marius will be forced to work together and face both their own passions and a deadly new threat to Luna Lodge.

Forth book in the Luna Lodge series. Each standalone stories but I suggest reading in order.
Series order: Sol (.99 cents) | Titus | Lucius | Marius

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sheriffJasper is filled with violence, and the only way to unleash it is to make money in illegal fights. Ever since he left home he’s been fighting and saving his money, living a simple life of pain and sex. His life is fine until he notices her living across the hall.

Amber spent most of her life in foster care. She knows how to take care of herself and is prepared to do anything to keep herself alive. Working as a waitress in a strip club was not something she wanted to do, but it pays enough to live on. She notices the man across the hall, but he is obviously bad news with all of his bruises.

One chance meeting turns into another. Jasper can’t keep his hands off her, and Amber doesn’t want to fight the lust. Together they surprise each other with their need and feelings. However, Jasper’s gotten noticed in the ring, and now he has to pay the price.

He has to make a choice: go deeper into the fighting world and run the risk of losing his life and Amber, or run with his woman and find love, life, and happiness.


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sheriffAbel Gunner is a rock-star with legendary skills both in and out of the bedroom. He swore he wouldn’t fall for another woman after being schemed and manipulated by an ex-lover. He kept that vow until he met Gia Mastro. The Dom inside of him awoke the moment he set eyes upon the submissive beauty. His dark soul hungered for her submission and affection. The deep connection they share leaves him desperate for something he never expected – her love. Her pain brings him the pleasure he craves. Her smile calms the beast that rages within him. Gia loves Abel more than life itself, but Abel is disillusioned by love and wrecks Gia in the process. Her life hangs in the balance. His life depends on forgiving her. This couple must face many truths. Is love enough to overcome the damage that dwells within? Gia’s experiences with love have been nil until meeting the infamous bad-boy rocker, Abel Gunner. Swept up in a mind-bending, Dom/submissive love affair, she’s forced to make decisions that both help and hurt their relationship. They both have to face their demons before they can embrace a future together. In the end, they’re faced with two choices: Fight for their love, or die with their demons.

Second book in the Rocker Trilogy. NOT a standalone.
Series order: Saving Abel | Forgiving Gia

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Broken Dreams.

Jules McAllister has loved and lost.

She experienced the gut wrenching pain of grief after her boyfriend, Scratch, a member of the Nordic Lords MC, died on the same night that she told him they were going to have a child.

Grief stricken and destroyed, she left Jasper Bay, unable to tell anyone the truth of what really happened that fateful night.

When her childhood friend, Olivia needs her, Jules realizes it’s time to return home and give her daughter what she wants most – a family.

But Jules didn’t count on the tumultuous emotions she would feel around Scratch’s brooding and angry brother, Jaden.

Jaden has vowed to never forgive Jules for, what he feels is her role his brother’s death. Being face to face with Jules again, who is now a mother to a young child, he finds that his anger hasn’t waned and swears to have nothing to do with mom or child.

But how can he reconcile the burning fury in his soul with the irrational urge to touch her? To taste her? To own her completely?

Can wounded hearts that still bleed ever be healed? And can two people broken by their pasts find freedom from their pain in each other?

Or will a night of passion destroy them both?

Third book in the Nordic Lords MC series. Each standalone stories.
Series order: Point of Return (.99 cents) | Point of Redemption (.99 cents) | Point of Freedom

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sheriffTwenty-eight year old Coco Thomas knows the recipe for disaster:

1) Agree to plan last-minute engagement blowout for spoiled Mafia princess before you realize her choice of caterer is Nick Lupo, a despicably gorgeous young chef with a hot new restaurant in town, a reality TV show victory, and a romantic past with you—one that did not end well.

2) Strike a deal with Nick in which you agree to spend a weekend with him in exchange for his services, under the strict conditions there will be no talking about the past, no second chances, and definitely no sex.

3) Violate all three conditions within 24 hours and spend two glorious days remembering what made you fall for the sexy, egotistical bastard in the first place, and why it hurt so much when he broke your heart.

Add one road trip, plenty of good scotch, and endless spoonfuls of chocolate cake batter drizzled over your body and licked off inch by oh-my-God-yes-right-there inch, then just admit it.

You’re totally FORKED.

Second book in the Frenched series. Each standalone stories.
Series order: Frenched (.99 cents) | Forked

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sheriffGood things come in naughty packages…
What does it take to turn a good girl bad? Sick of her interfering brother nosing into her love life―and by proxy, her sex life—Penny Diamond has decided she needs a break from her “girl next door” reputation. And she knows exactly who can help her… Tall, lean, and impossibly intense Sebastian Strafford is rumored to have a sexual appetite with a decidedly wicked flavor.

Unfortunately, he’s also her brother’s best friend.

Sebastian doesn’t do relationships. Getting involved with Penny―and giving into that carnal thirst he’s tried to ignore all these years―is just about the worst idea ever. But he’ll be damned if she turns to anyone else for her “education.” So Sebastian makes her a deal: just two weeks to indulge in every sensual sin imaginable. Now he just has to keep himself from falling for the good girl. Especially when she’s so deliciously bad…

Second book in the Chasing Love series. Each standalone stories.
Series order: Chasing Trouble | Chasing Temptation

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sheriffRoleplaying keeps McKayla safe, keeps her feelings and her emotions in check. All she can think of is the next scene and feeling the man of her dreams giving her the pleasure she craves. She knows, as he does that no matter who holds the crop, no matter who is tied up, no matter what role they are playing, Kurt is the true Alpha, the true Dom to her submissive side. She knows one word from him, her mind instantly melts and awaits his direction.

But she fears her relationship with Kurt is slipping away, because she can’t give him what he really wants. And his long absences for work give her too much time between scenes to fixate on what that is: love. For her to say it. She shows it; she’s damn good at showing it whenever they spend time together. Still, if she says it, everything between them will change forever. If she doesn’t, soon, she may just lose him.


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sheriffJade Cassidy knows what she wants and is determined to get it. That’s if she can get her overbearing, overprotective brothers to back off long enough for her plan to work. Between her plan and the fact someone from her past has their own agenda, which includes her, she soon learns that maybe life isn’t quite as bad with others looking out for you.

Zach Trent has been close to the Cassidy family for years. Jared has been his best friend forever and they even work together. Now he faces a dilemma—take the chance of losing his best friend, or lose the one woman who could complete his life. The same one he wants to kill one minute or take to his bed the next, depending on her mood. He finally makes his decision but when shots are fired, is it made in time to have it all in life or lose it before he has a chance.

Join the Cassidy family as grown men use anything in their arsenal to keep their sister from being hurt—even if it cost them their own life.


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It took a spectacularly embarrassing break-up to knock Steve Moonshine Coleman off his lazy butt. In the ten months since that night, he’s changed his ways. Now that Melody’s back in town, it’s time for this sweet-talking cowboy to convince her to get back in the saddle with him.

A return to her veterinary position in Rocky Mountain House was always in the cards for Melody Langley. Getting back together with Steve? Never part of the plan. He had lots of potential but zero ambition, and there’s no way she’ll accept anything less than a man who can keep up with her, in and out of bed.

But the new-and-improved cowboy is impossible to resist, so Melody issues a challenge. Three months to prove he’s reformed. Three months of Steve orchestrating one sexual indulgence after another—‪wicked distractions from the old boys’ club Melody faces at work and Steve’s growing responsibilities‬.

He’s got one shot to prove with more than words what’s in his heart and soul.

Seventh book in the Six Pack Ranch series. Each standalone stories.
Series order: Rocky Mountain (FREE) | Rocky Mountain Haven | Rocky Mountain Desire | Rocky Mountain Angel | Rocky Mountain Rebel | Rocky Mountain Freedom | Rocky Mountain Romance

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sheriffHe’ll show this good girl the thrill of being bad…

Good girl Melody Merritt is ready to be bad. Fresh out of an unsatisfying ten-year engagement to the town golden boy, she’s determined to make up for lost time. And who better to burn her sterling reputation to the ground than Bluelick’s sinfully sexy new fire chief whose wicked gaze promises complete and utter domination? Yes, please.

Corrupting the prim and proper Little Miss Bluelick is the most action Josh Bradley’s seen since he transferred from Cincinnati to fast-track his career. He won’t let anything or anyone—not even the delectable Melody Merritt—trap him in this Kentucky-fried Mayberry, but when their searing chemistry yields an unexpected result, he realizes he’s started a blaze that’s completely beyond his control.

Second book in the Private Pleasures series. Each standalone stories.
Series order: Private Practice | Light Her Fire (.99 cents)

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sheriffBrenna has always been a little on the shy side, or maybe she just feels overshadowed by her more outgoing best friend. Either way, enough is enough. This Halloween, she’s going to have some fun with one of the three hunks she’s had a crush on forever. The only question is—which one might be interested in her?

Scott, Travis and Kyle have been the best of friends most of their lives. None of them really planned on coming back to their hometown or finding little Brenna all grown up and sexy as hell. They all want her, and no one is willing to walk away.

A full moon, candlelight and the casting of a spell will make this Halloween one none of them will ever forget.


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sheriffHe seethes with raw power the first time I see him—pure menace and rippling muscles in shackles. He’s dangerous. He’s wild. He’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

So I hide behind my prim glasses and my book like I always do, because I have secrets too. Then he shows up in the prison writing class I have to teach, and he blows me away with his honesty. He tells me secrets in his stories, and it’s getting harder to hide mine. I shiver when he gets too close, with only the cuffs and the bars and the guards holding him back. At night I can’t stop thinking about him in his cell.

But that’s the thing about an animal in a cage—you never know when he’ll bite. He might use you to escape. He might even pull you into a forest and hold a hand over your mouth so you can’t call for the cops. He might make you come so hard, you can’t think.

And you might crave him more than your next breath.


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The final book in the Obsessed Trilogy. Each book is $.99 and must be read one after another
sheriffShe’ll complicate his plans in the naughtiest ways…

I guess I’m not in Paris anymore. Emily Gardner has returned to her hometown in Kansas to collect her things after her mother’s death. But the moment she steps back into the town, it’s like the past has swallowed her up. Memories of her wild and reckless teenaged years. Of her father’s disappointment. But it’s her childhood crush who wakens something even deeper in Emily… Mitch Taylor believes in having a Plan. His life, his business―all neat and orderly. But with Emily’s return comes a whirlwind of feelings and temptations. Risk. Longing. And ultimately, a desire so strong that Mitch can’t help but succumb to it. But Emily won’t be tied down. Not to anything or anyone. And with one night of forbidden, sensual delight, all of Mitch’s careful control will come completely undone…

Standalone (.99 cents)

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sheriffStewart Harrington is rich, gorgeous, and one of the most powerful men in Miami. He always gets what he wants. Anything is available to him for the right price.

Even me.

Being the wife of a mogul comes with all the perks, but being Mrs. Stewart Harrington comes with a few special requirements. I’ve learned to keep a part of myself locked away as my husband watches me submit to his needs. But the more he demands of me, the more beguiled he becomes and that’s to my advantage. So I keep fulfilling his fantasies and following his rules because he doesn’t know that what he’s playing is really my game. And winning is everything, right?


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sheriffThe name’s Aeron Lore. And you are…? Such a pleasure to meet you, sweetheart. Is that a southern accent? Gorgeous.

You fucking bitch.

Why so surprised? I control a billion dollar fortune. I control the news. Give me five minutes and I’ll control you, too. If you could read my mind, you’d probably call me perverted. Unnatural. Manipulative. But I’ve learned to blend in, to be funny and charming. A predator in a designer suit.

I have no conscience. No shame in taking the things I want. And what I wanted was for Leontine Reeves to sell me her boutique tech firm so I could exploit the fuck out of it. Maybe exploit the fuck out of her, too, because desire haunts me in shades of scarlet, and I desire Leo most of all.

I never meant for this to be a love story. I fought it kicking and screaming, the same way Leo fought me. Now we’re bleeding into each other, making a mess. A chaos. There’s no control here. And what do monsters like me do when control leaves the building?

We attack.


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Final Lap

Final LapFinal Lap
by Erin McCarthy
Published by Berkley
on October 7th 2014
Genres: Erotica, Sexy Romance
Pages: 304
Sex: three-half-stars
Overall Grade: B

AmazonBarnes & NoblesGoodreads
At a friend’s lavish wedding, Harley McLain and her twin sister, Charity, meet sexy stock-car driver Cooper Brickman. The more reserved Harley is immediately smitten—until he hits on her twin. He sounds like a keeper, Harley. Never let go of this one. But Harley has had enough of being the “nice” girl, and after trading dresses with Charity, she seduces Cooper for a night of wild sex. Harley has never seen any tv show with featuring identical twins ever.

What was supposed to be a one-night fling gets complicated when Cooper needs a nanny to look after his kid sister—and is convinced sweet, dependable Harley would be perfect for the job. What he doesn't know is that she's actually the TURBO-SLUT he BANGED. Everyone knows BANGING TURBO-SLUTS can't be dependable. They've got their hungry vaginas to think about. She can’t resist the money—or Cooper’s hot bod. But when her deception is revealed, will it destroy her dependable image—or will he finally realize how sexy sweet can be?

reviewThis was the third book in my dip into the dependable, sex-deprived world of contemporary and happily, it was my favourite. This is the eighth book in the Fast Track series but it can definitely be read and enjoyed as a standalone. Here we have Cooper Brickman (he’s tough and hard, like a brick man, if you will). As you can imagine, his two main interests are the left boob and the right boob. Although he is partial to Ms L. Abia and her friend Mike Litoris also (his nickname is the almost Tudor-era-esque Cunny King). He meets nanny Harley at a wedding and immediately starts rambling drunkenly about his troublesome teenage sister. Harley is disappointed because she’s fancied him for, like, ever and he basically tells her he reminds her of one of those bosom-y women whose vagina is like one of those caves in Indiana Jones with the big cobwebs that look like blankets. Harley’s twin sister, Charity, is more his style. She and Harley are identical, but while Harley wears her heart on her sleeve, Charity wears her boobs on hers. This causes Charity issues too. She’s seen as the flighty good-time girl to Harley’s dependable Indiana Jones vagina, especially since she’s in lurve with the boring-ass Jeff who’s kind of mean to her. So, in the grand tradition of Tia and Tamera and every single identical twin ever (well, on tv anyway), they switch roles. Harley dons Charity’s Boob Tube of Slutitude and Charity tries on Harley’s Cobweb of Dry Spells.

Unsurprisingly the Cunny King falls for this (well, he’s not known as the New York Times Crossword King, is he?) and soundly fucks Harley’s cobwebs back to the Temple of Doom from whence they came. But, after a series of unfortunate events, Harley now works as a nanny for Cooper’s sister and has to pretend she never slept with him. What could possibly happen?!

I love this shit – identity theft, vaginas, bosoms, cunny kings… I’m on board. Cooper was a major bimbo but I liked him. And once you get over the kind of rapey aspect of the identity switch, it grows into a sweet and innocent love story. I was disappointed that Charity didn’t get her own story, though. We hear a lot about innocent, staid heroines bedding the bad boy but I really loved Charity’s vamp and how she wanted to bed the boring Jeff. I thought her efforts to overcome her ‘reputation’ were worth more than the side-plot they were given and had the potential for a really sweet love story. But, quibbles aside, this was a fun, contemporary romp. That’s right, ROMP.


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Fast Track Series
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