House of Payne: Payne

House of Payne: PayneHouse of Payne: Payne
by Stacy Gail
Published by Indie
on October 13th 2014
Genres: Sexy Romance
Pages: 220
Sex: four-stars
Overall Grade: B

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I was hesitant to read this one because, well I tend to find tattoo artist fall in with the motorcycle and rockstar themed books… you know, man-whores who sleep with everything. These types of books tend to piss me off. While our hero, Payne, is a man-whore that title goes straight out the door when Becks Delgado comes storming into his office. Little does Becks know, she just fell right into Payne’s trap.

God, he existed for her.

Becks is an up and coming artist and Payne not only wants her for himself, but he also wants all of her future work to be his. One of my favorite things about Payne is his obsession for Becks. It’s endearing to watch him try to hide it… yes I said hide. It’s refreshing to have someone try and hide it instead of run from it. He wants her so he will have her and nothing will stand in the way.

“You’re beautiful. My eyes can’t get enough of you. My hands can’t feel enough of you. I can’t bury myself inside of you deeply enough. But none of that will stop me from trying. And trying. And trying.”

What Becks doesn’t know is Payne has met her before on the night that changed her life forever. Over the years Payne had kept tabs on her and got closer and closer like a moth to the flame until his need is so great he takes steps to pull her into his world. What Payne doesn’t know is that Becks lived in hell and self-misery after that fateful night four years ago.

He bought light to her solitary dark world, then tempted her to join him in the golden glow.

Becks was an easy heroine to love. In fact, both the hero and heroine are but Becks just takes your heart. She’s been through a lot and truly believes no one could ever want her, well at least for an extended period of time. While she is confident in some parts of her life and even cocky about it there are other parts she isn’t. Her struggles with her self-importance are real, heartbreaking, and completely understandable. I tend to shy away from heroines who can beat themselves down, but the author did a wonderful job of making me get her and understand why she does and thinks some of the things she does. I never once got frustrated with her when she would push Payne away because I got it… the author made me love her.

“Get inside me where you belong.”

Very early on I caught on to where the plot was going and what I thought would be the climax of the story; Becks finding out Payne was there on the night of her accident, but while I could see where the story was going (and I’m sure you will think the same) it didn’t go along like I thought it would, which was great. It was more adult and the author once again showed me how incredible Becks really was.

“Easy. You’re going to push me right through the damn door.”

“For two hours I had to pretend I didn’t want to be inside you, fucking you until you screamed my name. You take it easy.”

I know I gushed a lot about the book so you’re probably wondering why the B grade…. While I loved it and can’t wait for the next in the series, I still felt like there was a little something missing. I could tell Payne was pretty done in early on, but I think I wanted that obsession to burst through more. A lot of it did during the sex scenes, which were nice and smutty, but I wanted it in words. He does give us some great lines. No denying that but I just needed a little extra… I wanted her to know how much he was obsessed because well, like I said the author made me love her and I wanted her to have everything. I’m really looking forward to the next in the series about Payne’s assistant and the author now has my attention.

Mistress M

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Rule’s Addiction

Rule’s AddictionRule's Addiction
by Lynda Chance
on November 24th 2014
Genres: Erotica, Mistress Approved, Sexy Romance
Pages: 148
Sex: four-half-stars
Overall Grade: A

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‘Rule’s Addiction’ is the third book in the House of Rule series and by far my favorite in the series so far. While I read the first ‘Rule’s Obsession’ and really enjoyed it (4 stars) I ended up skipping the second ‘Rule’s Property’ because the reviews didn’t fair too well. Each book can be read as a standalone so feel free to jump right into this one… get ready because this review is about to be a gush-fest.

She was tearing him in two… fucking with his ability to keep his mind on his job. Almost worse than that, the memory of her feminine, sultry voice was obliterating his desire to screw another woman. His desire? Hell, he didn’t even think about other women … probably couldn’t get it up for one if he tried. All he wanted was her…

Garrett Rule has wanted Maria Alvarez since the moment he heard her voice on a telephone call. Want isn’t even a strong enough word for the feelings Garrett has for Maria. It’s all-consuming from page one of the book and I ate up Every. Single. Word. I don’t even think I can explain his obsession to make you understand how intense it was. He’s been jacking off to her voice for weeks. He couldn’t even think of other women because she owned his every thought. So he of course does what every billionaire does in this situation… he makes plays to get her in his reach.

He was now dreaming about her all night long. Wet-fucking-dreams. Dreams that made him wake up from a perfectly good REM with his cum sticking to the sheets.

While Garrett can’t wait to come face to face with Maria, she isn’t so inclined. See Garrett bought the hotel Maria works at and she knows he’s coming in to flip it and/or just push her out of a job that she has worked hard for. This is what most of the book is about; Maria trying to fight to prove she can run this hotel and she should have the job. To be honest there isn’t a lot going on or a real build up to some climax that might rip them apart. It’s just about two people fighting their feelings for each other when they are so clearly done in.

“I’ll never forget the way you look in that dress, you coming on my fingers, not until the day I die.”

Their build to the relationship really took center stage to owning the book. It never felt like come on let’s do this already… it was perfectly timed and I loved when they fought their attraction. It was the best part of the book. Garrett would be a giant dick and oddly I loved it. He was just so grumpy because he wanted her so badly and she was pushing him away. He would get so jealous off of nothing and start stomping around… I’m shocked he just didn’t pee a circle around her. I do want to say that it was refreshing that the author didn’t have the hero try and make the heroine jealous. That seems to be such a thing lately and I find it to be childish for a grown man to do such a thing. Another woman was never even a thought to Garrett… in fact the idea of one just pissed him off.

“Trust me when I tell you that you don’t have to go out of your way to provoke my jealousy. I’m already jealous. I already want to kill every motherfucker who looks at you. I already want to take you home to St. Louis, tie you to my bed, lock the door and toss away the fucking key.”

This book gave me everything I wanted from a Lynda Chance story. An alpha male who literally made me gasp out loud (good gasp), a feisty heroine who gives as good as she gets, smutty scenes that are probably the best I’ve ever read from her, and a love story that ended with me in a pile of goo. This book is pure junk food that you will just consume. It’s been a while since I really got to gush over the author, but it seems Chance is back to giving me the alpha males I crave from her. No one does an alpha like Chance and I’m glad I am getting some of the old Chance’s passion in this one and I hope it stays around because I’ve really missed it. I am already dying to get my hand on her next in the series and I wish her most luck topping this one because this one has landed on my top ten of 2014 and most definitely on my re-read shelf.

Mistress M


“You don’t own me.”

“No.” He took a stroke and slammed back inside, making her head spin. “Whose dick’s buried inside your pussy right now?”

The primal words shocked her and radiated down her spine as tendrils of heat exploded deep inside, where they were joined.

His fingers clenched into her butt cheek. “Answer me. Whose. Dick. Is. Buried. Inside. Your. Pussy?”

Dear God, Shit. Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ. “Y-yours,” she stammered.

“That’s right. And that’s the way it’s going to be from now on. So be a good little girl and agree to what I’m telling you. Nobody fucking touches you.”

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The House of Rule Series
defiance defiance defiance

Dirty Discoveries (New Releases) Nov 25th


sheriffShameless. That’s what she was.

Billionaire businesswoman Akira Mori can get anything and anyone her heart desires. Anyone, that is, except for a certain aloof author who has been dominating her dreams for over a decade. Accustomed to Jacob Campbell’s stern disapproval, Akira has turned provocation into an art, using every trick in her arsenal to keep the man from guessing the depth of her filthy fantasies.

Shameless. That’s what she made him.

Since the moment the sexy, sultry socialite sidled up to him years ago, there hasn’t been a time when Jacob didn’t crave Akira. But as guardian to his younger siblings, responsibility has controlled his life. Confining his darkest desires to secret, stolen moments maintains his carefully disciplined world…but a cold bed is the price he pays.

A single touch is all it takes for their simmering need to explode. As secrets and fears are stripped away one by one, shame becomes a thing of the past. They find themselves becoming addicted to each other, in bed and out—a frightening prospect for a man just learning to live…and a woman who thinks she doesn’t know how to love.


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sheriffMaria Alvarez is her own woman and always has been. She’s more than capable of taking care of herself, so when Garrett Rule storms into her life with inflexible demands and an agenda of his own, she has no choice but to fight back.

Garrett Rule has no room in his life for conniving, bitchy women. When he finds himself inconveniently obsessed with Maria Alvarez, the most conspiring woman of them all, he doesn’t know which is stronger, his need to punish her or the need he feels to have her under his complete sexual control. Luckily for him, he doesn’t plan on choosing; he’ll take both.

If you love alpha obsessed males to the extreme… get your 1-click on here
Third book in the The House of Rule series. Each standalone stories.
Series order: Rule’s Obsession | Rule’s Property | Rule’s Addiction

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I lie to survive.

Have since I was sixteen and my world fell into chaos. But I found a way to endure, or rather it found me. Now I’m a prisoner of my own doing, hiding behind a false mask so no one sees the truth. Not even the man I want but can’t have—Deck. But I messed up and the lies are spilling over, out of control.

Deck is unrelenting and will settle for nothing less than the truth. He demands everything from me —EVERYTHING— even if it rips me apart.


I kill for a living.

Unyielding—It’s how I survive in my line of work. I bend people to my will…except Georgie.

But that ends now.
I’ve played her game for far too long. Now I think it’s time we play mine.



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sheriffNila Patterson doesn’t want anything to do with wolves. Her werewolf ex-husband continues to stalk her and their son, terrifying her to no end. The last thing she wants to do is acknowledge her attraction to the very sexy Malachi Slattery, who has been watching her for weeks. He’s not as discreet as he thinks he’s being. She’s not about to forget that Malachi is a wolf, and she’s learned the hard way that wolves are not to be trusted.

All Malachi Slattery wants to do is take care of Nila and her son. Nila is his mate, and his wolf has been howling to protect her ever since they met. But she doesn’t like wolves, and he can’t figure out a way to get her to see that he’s nothing like her ex. He’ll have to use every trick in the book in order to get past her defenses and prove to her that he’s a male she can count on. When her ex does the unthinkable in a ploy to get her back into his arms, Malachi will show him why no one messes with a Protector’s mate.

This book contains one stubborn woman, one determined wolf, a sweet little boy, sprinkled liberally with a dose of crazy ex, stalking, kidnapping, and excessive use of the word ‘mine’. Contains m/f interaction

I love this shifter series. Each can be read as a standalone but all of them are great so why not go in order?
Thrid book in the Wilde Creek series. Each standalone stories.
Series order: Mate of Her | The Alpha’s Heart | The Protector’s Heart

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sheriffA BBW in search of love + two sexy wolf shifters ready to claim her as their mate = Sizzling Ménage Romance

Daniella Flores is looking for a good man. A man who will accept her as she is and go crazy for her curves. So far she’s had no luck in the romance department and is worried she might never find the right one. When Mrs. Wilder of the PDA offers to help, Dani is all for trying anything. Mrs. Wilder promises to find her love, romance and hot sex. What woman in her right mind would say no to that?

Kane and Blake have been searching for a mate to complete their Alpha triad. There’s just one problem: they’ve yet to find a woman they both want. Not to worry, Kane’s mother comes to the rescue and brings in the PDA. Unfortunately for them, Mrs. Wilder has something up her sleeve and it’s not a bra. When they meet their mysterious date, they know she’s the woman they need.

A masquerade ball brings Dani and the shifters together. The two men who are really good friends with Dani’s overprotective older brother. She’ll get one chance to finally live the fantasy night she’s always wanted with the wild wolves. Besides, it’s not like they could really want her for a mate. It will take some maneuvering for Kane and Blake to keep Dani, not lose their friend and their pack, and prove her curves are the only ones they want.

I adore this shifter series ♡ Sweet, alpha, and extra smutty
Forth book in the Paranormal Dating Agency series. Each standalone stories.
Series order: Twice the Growl (.99) | Geek Bearing Gifts (.99) | Her Purrfect Match (.99) | Curves ‘em Right (.99)

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Alice James tried like hell to forget soul killing tragedy. Running from her gun runner father’s murder and dark days with the Prairie Devils MC was pure survival. But escaping nightmares is never easy. Neither is erasing him from her memory.

Lucas “Stinger” Spears can’t forget the walking mystery with the killer body who shared his clubhouse for a few glorious weeks. Too bad Alice rebuffed his wild charms like no woman has, and nobody – nobody! – says no to the VP of the Devils Montana crew. Now, his own dark memories and raw passions are perfect fuel for a midnight ride to find his woman and stake a claim.

She can’t remember what love’s supposed to be. He can’t live another second without her on his bike and between his sheets, screaming his name and wearing his brand. And neither of them knows a dead man’s secrets are about to drive a terrifying wedge between their hearts, threatening their fragile love and the entire club…

Will Alice and Stinger’s bitter love turn sweet – or will it become pure poison?

Fifth book in the Prairie Devils MC Romance Series. Each standalone stories.
Series order: Outlaw Kind of Love | Nomad Kind of Love | Savage Kind of Love | Wicked Kind of Love | Bitter Kind of Love

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sheriffBraydon Walker has always shared everything with his identical twin brother Brendon—hopes, dreams, career choices, and yes, even women. Known for tag-teaming their love interests in every way imaginable, Braydon is surprised and unnerved when he finds himself wanting to keep their newest lover all to himself. Will the twins’ relationship evolve to fit this new mold, or will Braydon’s desire for independence tear them apart?

Sixth book in the Alluring Indulgence. Each standalone stories.
Series order: Kaleb | Zane | Travis | Holidays with the Walker Brothers | Ethan | Braydon

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sheriffA week-long festival full of hot Alpha werewolf twins who are sniffing around looking for their forever mates…what’s not to love? Plenty, if you’re Mackenzie Kaye, who was humiliated at last year’s festival when she was ditched by the Alpha pair she’d been yearning for.

But this year things are different – the Alpha pair have summoned her to their cabin, and now they’ll stop at nothing to claim her. Why the sudden change of heart? What mysterious secret are they hiding, and who is trying to sabotage their budding relationship?

Second book in the Twin Alphas series. Each standalone stories.
Series order: Claimed | Desired

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sheriff They say there’s a fine line between love and hate.

There is.

I married a douchebag.

I didn’t know it at the time.

He came in like a handsome stranger and blew me off my feet.

I fell madly in love, like the naive girl I am.

Then he left me high and dry.

Turns out, I was nothing more than a business plan for billionaire playboy, Marcus Tandem.

He needed to be married in order to obtain his grandfathers business, and I was the poor victim in his path.

I believed in what we had, until the truth reared its ugly head.

I never meant anything to Marcus. Not a damned thing.

With my world spinning on its axis, the girl I once was has long since died.

Instead he left me as this empty, emotionless shell.

I may have made a vow before God to love and cherish him ‘Til Death do we part, but it’s time for me to give back to Marcus, exactly what he gave me.

He has to pay.

And pay he will.

This is part of a two book series and it will contain a HEA –

First book in the ‘Til Death series. Cliffhanger

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sheriffTomboy mechanic Cat has fixed up a classic 1978 Chevy Nova in the school shop, but unless she passes her classes to get into a prestigious college, Ted won’t let her drive it. Unfortunately, math is not Cat’s subject, but while the hope is that David, her older, British tutor, will help her find a way to navigate geometry, Cat finds herself wishing he would teach her something much more interesting.


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sheriffWinterfest is heating up in Abbott Springs…

Everly Abbott has always been the outcast of Abbott Springs. With her pink hair, rock band, and bad reputation, she left her wholesome hometown behind as soon as she graduated high school. But now she’ll have to return to the one place she swore she’d never play to perform at Winterfest.

She wants to acceptance. Approval. Closure.

But her best friend and bandmate, Justin Cohen, is about to show her that what she thinks she wants isn’t necessarily what she needs.

“She was mine, damnit. Mine and only mine. No one else would ever touch her, taste her, the way I was allowed.” I really enjoyed this little sweet alpha quickie
Standalone Quickie (.99)

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sheriffNolie and Joseph have a good marriage. They’re still in love, have everything they need, and their careers are in good shape. But lately their sex life and time together has taken a back seat. One morning, Joseph brings up the changes in their sex life and expresses a desire to spice things up. With his encouragement, Nolie confesses her darkest fantasy: Being kidnapped, bound, and “forced” to have sex with her “captor.”

She assumes Joseph will forget the fantasy or decide it’s better off left as something to talk about, but a week later, Joseph brings Nolie’s fantasy into reality. Nolie is not only excited about the role play, but Joseph’s willingness to fulfill her fantasy reminds her of how much they love each other and how much priority they need to put on their marriage.


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Getting close to her was a mistake. Dammit.
I shouldn’t crave the woman I can’t have. Marina is so tempting, so cruel.
Keeping her puts everything at risk.

But losing her will be the death of me.

I’ll do whatever it takes to find a way to save her.
She belongs to us. No matter how this has to end…
Marina will always be ours.

This is NOT a Love Triangle!

Third & final book in the Beyond Blood Trilogy
Series order: For The Thrill (.99) | For The Fight (.99) | For The Bond (.99)

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sheriffI call him stepfather. Teacher. Maestro.

I call him my world.

When I found myself trapped and beaten in a dark alley, the last person I thought would rescue me was my stepmother’s seventh (and now ex-) husband. I never could have anticipated how my life would change the moment he carried me through the doors of his New York penthouse.

He needed me as his muse and I craved his touch. Our bodies made perfect harmony. They say every song must end, but what if our dark melody can last forever?

First book in the A Dark Melody Serial. Minor cliffhanger.

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sheriffMaddie’s never had any luck at love, especially not with three over-protective brothers hanging around. And with her family’s newfound fortune, she can’t help but wonder if potential suitors are actually into her—or if they just want to get their hands on the money.

When Damien, her brother’s friend, comes into the picture as a business partner, Maddie knows he’s strictly off limits, despite being damn good looking, and already the heir to a massive fortune. Yet despite knowing better, she can’t help but fall Damien when she strikes a bargain with him, asking him to catch her up to speed on everything she’s clueless on—sexually.

Damien knows Maddie’s proposition is a bad idea, especially since the Rykers will likely beat him to a pulp for touching their sister. Yet he can’t help himself when it feels like the hourglass to his freedom is trickling through its last grains of sand. He just needs to decide if true love is worth what he stands to lose, and whether or not Maddie will ever forgive him for his deception.

Forth book in the The Billionaire’s Temptation series. Each standalone stories.
Series order: Seduction and Surrender (FREE) | Submission and Surrender | Love and Surrender | Deception and Surrender

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sheriffLife is supposedly what you make of it, but that’s crap as far as 3D artist, Becks Delgado is concerned. She never wanted her brother to die in a car accident… or to be the one who was behind the wheel. Her external scars are nothing compared to the raw wounds inside, and there are times when death seems to be the only way to find peace.

Sebastian Payne took the concept of a tattoo parlor and transformed it into a sophisticated gallery of living art. House Of Payne now caters to the rich and infamous, has garnered a worldwide following and is run by Payne with an iron fist. He knows Becks is exactly what House Of Payne needs, but there’s a problem. The accident that changed her life left its mark on him as well, and whether he likes it or not, it’s time for Payne to put his House in order.

I really enjoyed this one and it is well worth the .99 cents. Alpha male hero who is obsessed with the heroine ♡
Standalone (.99)

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A Gentleman in the Street

A Gentleman in the StreetA Gentleman in the Street
by Alisha Rai
Published by Indie
on November 24th 2014
Genres: BDSM, Erotica, Menage, Mistress Approved, Sexy Romance
Pages: 315
Sex: four-stars
Overall Grade: A

AmazonBarnes & NoblesGoodreads

I love Alisha Rai. Her ‘Bedroom Games‘ series was amazing and she’s a pretty good time on Twitter if you’re haven’t discovered her yet. I was so excited after reading the blurb on this book because it sounded different but totally something I would be into.

Had she ever been kissed like this? Had he ever kissed like this? Because he kissed like he hadn’t tasted a woman in 40 years.

Jacob is a shy writer who is essentially a recluse. He is super hot with his dark hair and beard and overall lumberjack body. I loved that he had a beard…because beards, that’s why. Something about a burly man with hair makes my ovaries smile. Part of the reason I loved Jacob was because he shamed himself. He had these deep dark desires and kinky things he wanted to do, but he was so angry with himself for feeling them. I found him so different and unlike the normal alpha hero we read about. Jacob was twisted and dirty, but it was hidden beneath his own apprehensions.

Akira – hands down one of my all-time favorite heroines. I cannot express how much this chick rocked my soul. First off, she a big giant slut and she makes absolutely no apologies about it. Akira is strong and confident and doesn’t take any shit. She sleeps around, does her own thing and there is NO guilt. I love that she is balls to the walls with her sexuality and is never sorry for it. Often when a woman in a book is promiscuous, she’s the other woman or the slutty best friend – she isn’t the star of the show. Akira stole my heart and I had so much respect for the author for finally giving us a heroine I can relate to.

“I thought I’d imagined it,” he said so low I had to strain to hear.
“How good you feel.”
“And did you?”

The sex in this book is something you’ve got to work for. It doesn’t fully hit until around 70%. BUT!!!! (don’t run away kicking and screaming) you get super hot teases along the way and FUCK when it finally happens it’s literally an orgy. The build up is so good and Ms Rai knows how to bring the dirty talk! I will warn you that there was a small part not everyone will like. At one point the heroine is fucking another dude and the hero is watching. He’s there with her and it’s hot as fuck… but some people might not like that. For me it was such a turn on, so do with that what you will.

The thing I loved most about this book was that there was a sweet love story centered around a really hot read. I loved them together when they were pretending they didn’t want the other. They have known each other for so long, but the relationship and love are new. This book took guts and I hope when you read it you can appreciate what the heroine represents. To me she’s my inner dirty girl brought to life. Great book, well-written characters, and super hot sex. Get it!


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Perfect Chaos

Perfect ChaosPerfect Chaos
by Nashoda Rose
Published by Indie
on November 24th 2014
Genres: Dark, Sexy Romance
Pages: 259
Sex: two-stars
Overall Grade: C

AmazonBarnes & NoblesGoodreads

I lie to survive.

Have since I was sixteen and my world fell into chaos. But I found a way to endure,
I wonder if it's the same thing I use to endure?Netflix. or rather it found me. Now I’m a prisoner of my own doing, hiding behind a false mask so no one sees the truth. I get that. I give foreign films 5 stars so the people sharing my account don't see that I'm watching Gossip Girl. I get the false mask thing. Not even the man I want but can’t have—Deck. But I messed up and the lies are spilling over, out of control. She forgot to hide the fact that she watched all seasons of Pretty Little Liars in one weekend?

Deck is unrelenting and will settle for nothing less than the truth. He demands everything from me—EVERYTHING—even if it rips me apart.
No! I don't want to watch Breaking Bad! It'll rip me apart!


I kill for a living.
Oh. Not as exciting as Pretty Little Liars, but okay.

Unyielding—It’s how I survive in my line of work. I bend people to my will…except Georgie.
Her renegade Netflix habits really shouldn't bother you this much, man.

But that ends now.
I've played her game for far too long. Now I think it's time we play mine.
Ugh. I see nothing but Nordic noir and The Wire and black and white documentaries in poor Georgie's future

We knew this book was coming from the chemistry-laden interactions featured in the first two instalments of the Tear Asunder series. Georgie seemed like a slightly wild and provocative girl, Deck seemed overly protective and kinda humourless so I was really excited to see where their book would take me. The first book in the Tear Asunder series, ‘Torn from You‘, was dark (but not too dark for me!). The second book was less dark but still sufficiently angsty. This book, the first in a spin-off series, is dark. Dark with a capital WTF. The book opens with Georgie being told by her sexy crush Deck of her brother Connor’s death. It’s a really heartbreaking scene. Even before she’s told, Georgie sees something happening to Connor as the worst thing that could happen to her. He was her protector and her best friend, and now she has no one.

In the present day, Georgie isn’t doing too well. She’s got her café which seems to be doing well but she clearly has a drinking problem (or drinking solution, depends how you look at it) and she spends her time being outrageously flirtatious with a taciturn Deck and flying about having one-night stands. This (according to Deck) is a problem (really?) and he tries desperately to make her see sense. Georgie, however, is having none of it, and she propositions him once again for good measure.

It’s clear Georgie is hiding something, but she makes us work for it. This is sometimes a good thing, but Georgie really is completely opaque. There’s so much going on, so many stories and bits and pieces that it’s hard to get a full picture of her. And Deck is similar. Taciturn only works when we get glimpses into the hero’s thinking. Deck was just as blank as Georgie, not because of falseness and covers like Georgie, but because he’s like, I don’t know, a big tree or something. He’s tall and wide and blank and weather-beaten and he smells woody and is kinda sappy (he’s not, I just said that for the sake of a joke. Forgive me).

As the story is revealed, more of Georgie is revealed and we get to know her character a bit better, but Deck is always stoic and silent. It’s hard to focus on any chemistry or connection between them. When one character is so confusing and another is so laconic, it’s hard to invest.

The most interesting character here is Kai. You’ll remember Kai as a flat-out villain/misunderstood hero from previous books. He’s a nasty son of a bitch, but his motivations and connections are so interesting. He’s dark as hell (none more black), mysterious without being frustrating and most of my lingering questions about this book relate to Kai. Happily, Kai’s book is next.

If you’ve read and liked the Tear Asunder books, and if you plan on continuing with this series, you need to read this book,. There’s a ton of new stuff you need to learn and you’ll get a great insight into the other characters. And it’s definitely readable. It’s just not as good as the previous books. And as the previous books were great, it’s hardly a damning indictment.


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by Lime Craven
Published by Indie
on October 23rd 2014
Genres: Dark, Erotica
Pages: 310
Sex: four-stars
Overall Grade: C

AmazonBarnes & NoblesGoodreads

This book took me almost two weeks to read and I don’t really know why. I think I had high hopes for it in the beginning, but it just ended up being an okay read.

Of all the places I could find religion, let’s be honest – it was always going to be in a pussy.

The title of this book is Sociopath… and it’s meant to label the hero (Aeron) of the story as such. BUT when reading, I felt like the guy was just an asshole. He comes across as cold and pretty douchey to everyone, including the heroine at times. I didn’t ever really like the guy and I think that’s where my disconnect happened. I get that he was supposed to mentally fucked up… but there still has to be some kind of connection for me. There has to be a center to the story where I WANT him to be happy and I WANT him to have love. As it was when I finished I just didn’t really care if things worked out for him because he was a prick.

Leontine Reeves didn’t hunt me down to punish me. Dirty little bitch wants me to punish her.

Our heroine, Leo, (that name was so confusing because I kept thinking she was a dude) was someone I liked reading about. She was interesting and I enjoyed learning her secrets. What I didn’t get was their connection. It felt like she was obsessed with him in secret for so long that when they actually got together it wasn’t really believable.

The sex isn’t for the faint of heart… there is blood play throughout (but just a little) and that might be a turn off for some. This book is called Sociopath for a reason and I believe it’s because of the sex. While the characters neither really portrayed this mental illness to me… the sex was sure over the edge. I thought it was incredibly hot at parts with it’s dark sexual need and intense desire. While the sex was skimmed over in sections, I still felt like you walked away with enough. It took some time to build to it in the book, but the sex was the best part of the book for me.

Now… a C grade you ask? Because the writing was phenomenal. The descriptions were never overly done. I never felt like things were overly written, just really well played out. I hate that even though the book was so well written the story just didn’t grab me as I had hoped. The Mistresses were begging me to give it up and move on to another book, but I just had to know how it finished. I’ve said before that it really depends on when you read a book as to what your feelings might be about it. Maybe I read this book at the wrong time? As it stands, I loved the thought, just not the follow-through. The book is written entirely from his perspective. So when I didn’t connect to the main character the book point of view is written from, the story fell short. I would definitely give this author another try because the writing is there – I just want the next character to pull at my heart strings a little.


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