by Lime Craven
Published by Indie
on October 23rd 2014
Genres: Dark, Erotica
Pages: 310
Sex: four-stars
Overall Grade: C

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This book took me almost two weeks to read and I don’t really know why. I think I had high hopes for it in the beginning, but it just ended up being an okay read.

Of all the places I could find religion, let’s be honest – it was always going to be in a pussy.

The title of this book is Sociopath… and it’s meant to label the hero (Aeron) of the story as such. BUT when reading, I felt like the guy was just an asshole. He comes across as cold and pretty douchey to everyone, including the heroine at times. I didn’t ever really like the guy and I think that’s where my disconnect happened. I get that he was supposed to mentally fucked up… but there still has to be some kind of connection for me. There has to be a center to the story where I WANT him to be happy and I WANT him to have love. As it was when I finished I just didn’t really care if things worked out for him because he was a prick.

Leontine Reeves didn’t hunt me down to punish me. Dirty little bitch wants me to punish her.

Our heroine, Leo, (that name was so confusing because I kept thinking she was a dude) was someone I liked reading about. She was interesting and I enjoyed learning her secrets. What I didn’t get was their connection. It felt like she was obsessed with him in secret for so long that when they actually got together it wasn’t really believable.

The sex isn’t for the faint of heart… there is blood play throughout (but just a little) and that might be a turn off for some. This book is called Sociopath for a reason and I believe it’s because of the sex. While the characters neither really portrayed this mental illness to me… the sex was sure over the edge. I thought it was incredibly hot at parts with it’s dark sexual need and intense desire. While the sex was skimmed over in sections, I still felt like you walked away with enough. It took some time to build to it in the book, but the sex was the best part of the book for me.

Now… a C grade you ask? Because the writing was phenomenal. The descriptions were never overly done. I never felt like things were overly written, just really well played out. I hate that even though the book was so well written the story just didn’t grab me as I had hoped. The Mistresses were begging me to give it up and move on to another book, but I just had to know how it finished. I’ve said before that it really depends on when you read a book as to what your feelings might be about it. Maybe I read this book at the wrong time? As it stands, I loved the thought, just not the follow-through. The book is written entirely from his perspective. So when I didn’t connect to the main character the book point of view is written from, the story fell short. I would definitely give this author another try because the writing is there – I just want the next character to pull at my heart strings a little.


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Dirty Discoveries (New Releases) Nov 19th


sheriffMy name is Charlotte Agoston, and I’m a runner. Not the ‘let’s go for a jog and slap a 26.2 sticker on your bumper’ kind of runner; I’m the kind of runner who takes off when her father is staring down the barrel of a guilty verdict that carries a 175-year sentence for perpetrating the largest fraud in the history of the world. That’s right. Bernie Madoff was an amateur compared to Alistair Agoston.

Faced with living under a cloud of suspicion and constant questioning by the FBI, I ran. I’m making a new life in New Orleans as Charlie Stone. I traded my future in New York high finance for tattoos, booze, a few friends who don’t ask questions, and one giant mutt named Huckleberry Finn. Everything is simple and uncomplicated until Simon Duchesne—former hotshot Navy fighter pilot, NOLA’s favorite son, city councilman, and rumored congressional hopeful—walks into my life.

The flashing cameras he attracts threaten to expose everything I’m hiding, but I can’t seem to stay away. Why are the most dangerous ideas always the most seductive?

In trying to get lost, I found myself. And then I found Simon. He loves me, and he doesn’t even know my real name. I’m going to break his heart, but mine will shatter right along with it. This is our story.

Will we be strong enough to face the consequences of revealing what’s beneath this mask?


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sheriffNow that Jenny Erickson is mine, I’ve got everything I want. Until one shotgun blast almost rips it away…

As president of the Hellfire Riders, there’s two things I care about: protecting my woman and destroying the Eighty-Eight before they take everything I’ve fought for. They’ve hurt Jenny before and I swore that I’d rip out my own heart before they hurt her again. Every heated touch, every scorching kiss is a promise to keep her safe.

Now the Eighty-Eight is coming for me—and no matter what it takes, I’m not going to let them lay a finger on her. I’ll sacrifice anything to protect her. My freedom. My heart.

Even my life.

I absolutely LOVE this smutty motorcycle series. Normally I don’t read motorcycle books because they make me stabby, but this one I can’t get enough of… the hero’s aren’t cheating a-holes. All the books in the series are .99 cents and FREE for Kindle Unlimited users. Each are standalone quickies that come in around 80ish page. They are dirty and quick leaving you with a smile on your face.
Ninth book in the The Motorcycle Clubs series. Each standalone stories.
Series order: His Wild Desire | Off Limits | Wanting It All | Her Secret Pleasure | Packing Double | Taking It All | Their Private Need | Double Trouble | Having It All

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sheriffGideon calls me his angel, but he’s the miracle in my life. My gorgeous, wounded warrior, so determined to slay my demons while refusing to face his own.

The vows we’d exchanged should have bound us tighter than blood and flesh. Instead they opened old wounds, exposed pain and insecurities, and lured bitter enemies out of the shadows. I felt him slipping from my grasp, my greatest fears becoming my reality, my love tested in ways I wasn’t sure I was strong enough to bear.

At the brightest time in our lives, the darkness of his past encroached and threatened everything we’d worked so hard for. We faced a terrible choice: the familiar safety of the lives we’d had before each other or the fight for a future that suddenly seemed an impossible and hopeless dream…

Forth book in the Crossfire series. The series MUST be read in order.
Series order: Bared to You | Reflected in You | Entwined with You | Captivated by You

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He believes his life begins and ends with her.


She believes in staying true to herself.

Together they have overcome so many obstacles, yet happiness still eludes them.

Their lives may be heading in different directions …

And that truth will cause them pain.

Can they come back to the same path and walk it together?

Or will they be forced to go their separate ways?

This is the 6th and final installment in the Eraser series. The series MUST be read in order.
Series order: Eraser (FREE) | Eraser Blue (FREE) | Eraser Lilac (.99) | Eraser Crimson (.99) | Eraser Amber (.99) | Eraser Platinum (.99)

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sheriffSome might call Victoria Mason ruthless, but she always gets her story, even if she has to sleep with influential men or put herself in danger to get a lead. But when she sneaks onto Senator Bob Austin’s property and snaps some highly compromising photos of the powerful, corrupt politician, Victoria soon finds herself in way over her head.

She goes to a fellow reporter for help, and he suggests she take refuge with a friend who owns a ranch. Upon meeting the handsome, rough-hewn rancher Ross McGregor, she’s none too happy with the way he speaks to her like she’s a naughty little girl in need of a good spanking. But when she gives him a piece of her mind, she quickly discovers that he is not a man to be trifled with and her bare bottom pays the price for her sharp tongue.

Despite Victoria’s shock and humiliation at this childish punishment, when Ross holds her close after her spanking it makes her feel safe and loved in a way she’s never felt before, and she all but melts in his arms. It isn’t long before Victoria knows she’s found something she’s been missing her whole life: a firm daddy who will keep her safe and make her behave like a good little girl. But her new life is going to be a big change, and Victoria will need quite a few more painful, embarrassing lessons along the way, followed each time by care and comfort from her loving daddy.

Note: The Rancher’s Little Girl is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, age play, anal play, exhibitionism, elements of BDSM, and more.


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sheriffHe has exactly what she needs, but what will she do to get it?

Billionaire Morgan Kane is a control freak. He personally interviews anyone that will ever be working with him. Her legs are shaking as she walks into the room, even more nervous to find that it won’t even be a one-on-one interview. She’s scrutinized by his associates, but is quick to stand up for herself.

Mr. Kane is intrigued by her sharp tongue. He sees her out, leaving her with his business card and instructions for her to call him if she ever needs anything.

One drunk night she takes him up on his offer. But when his dark side comes out in the bedroom will she be able to stick around or will it be too much to handle?

BUNDLE: This is the complete Billionaire Desires series.

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I always thought the gypsies cursed my family centuries ago, but most members of my family feel different, they say we were gifted with prosperity and the ability to know our soul mate. Great, you say, well they forgot to mention when we find our soul mate we turn into possessive cavemen.
I never wanted the curse to get me. I was happy with my privileged life, a new woman every night and no one ever saying no to me. I had my life planned out just how I wanted it. That was until I saw her—Jade Black. I knew from the moment I laid eyes on Jade she was mine. My soul mate. The problem is I’m having trouble convincing her.


I’m so close to freedom, to being eighteen and having a say in my life. Getting my Higher School Certificate, going to university, and living the life I’ve always dreamed. I’m so close. I blame my mother for dying, because I’m not eighteen I have to either go into foster care or live with my deadbeat grandpa in Reed Creek. I choose my grandpa. I can put up with him until I graduate.
The problem…Stephan Silverman. He comes into my life, messes with all my plans, and changes my outlook. I thought I had everything planned. Now I’m not so sure. Stephan Silverman is a pain in my arse.

For some reason I enjoyed this over the top book and look forward to the next. I just wanted a little more sex and could have done without the side plot of his ex fuck buddy. Other than that I’ll be one clicking the next and am looking over the authors other books right now.

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sheriffWhat could be better than one smoking hot firefighter intent on winning your heart? Two of them.

Before leaving for college Ivy Sullivan took a chance: She opened her heart to her close friend and town heart-throb, Ethan Rogue. His rejection was swift and devastating. She didn’t need a reason from him. She knew it was because her curves were just a little too… Mmmm – curvy.

One rejection… weight gone. Could she now be the sexy woman she always dreamed of?

But Ethan’s rejection gave Ivy the motivation to re-invent herself. She comes back to her hometown with one goal in mind – revenge. She’s determined to show Ethan and his best friend Trey, both notorious heart-breakers, what it feels like to fall for someone, and then be treated as insignificant.

There’s only one problem … Ivy isn’t the only one who has changed.

Now both firefighters, Ethan and Trey have changed. They’re no longer arrogant jocks, but sexy, caring men looking for a woman to share their lives with. And they have both set their sights on Ivy. While the old Ivy would have spent days agonizing over which hot guy she wanted, this is no longer the case, because Ivy knows…

She wants them both!

Standalone (.99)

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sheriffWhen boyfriend Ryker Lawson is sentenced to prison on drug charges, Allie Wallace faces a life changing event. After being turned away from her mother and on the verge of homelessness, she turns to an unexpected source for help: her boyfriend’s older brother.

Heath Lawson is everything his brother isn’t: a rough, street fighter that can’t commit to a girl if his life depended on it. He likes being on his own. Likes living the simple life. But when Allie turns up asking for help, he has no choice but to take her in.

Knowing Allie most of her life, help is something Heath is more than ready to offer. After all, she’s the love of his brother’s life.

However, what he doesn’t expect… is that she’s also his too.

First book in the Loving Lawson series. Cliffhanger. Not a relationship cliffhanger. (.99)

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sheriffWelcome to the little mountain town of Snow Creek, where Christmas love begins on Main Street and ends with Happily Ever After…

Includes two heartwarming Holiday novellas of hope and rekindled love…


One Lucky Night

No one knows bad luck quite like Thalia Castellanos. She’s been Snow Creek’s resident jinx since before she can remember. So what’s a star-crossed girl to do when a handsome gambler on a lucky streak shows up in town and asks her out to dinner? Does she risk throwing away what could be the best night of her life, or tempt fate by listening to her heart.


Second Chances

There’s no doubt in Eileen Ledger’s mind that the last time she saw hockey superstar Paul McAlester she made the biggest mistake of her life. Only, she’s never been sure if the mistake was in kissing him, or in running away. But ten years later, Paul is back in town for Christmas, and Eileen has a second chance to make things right…as long as she can keep herself from falling in love again.

Standalone (.99)

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sheriffShe’ll teach him the art of seduction one play at a time…

Publicist Aubrey Cooper never should have crossed the line. After all, pro football player Flynn Foley is her client. But something about this mouth-wateringly-hot, clean-cut athlete makes Aubrey imagine all kinds of X-rated fantasies. And it only takes one game-changing play―and one night―to turn the tables from strictly business to very, very personal…

Flynn has maintained a no-sexy-distractions policy for his entire pro career. Aubrey is exactly the kind of distraction he was trying to avoid, and she’s the one he can’t resist. When the media catches wind of their naughty little liaison, however, Aubrey’s boss steps in to make them an official couple. What Flynn doesn’t know is that Aubrey is forced to fake the relationship―or lose her job. Now Aubrey must hide the truth…even as she begins to fall for Flynn.

Third book in the Game for It series. Each standalone stories.
Series order: Game for Marriage | Game for Trouble | Game for Tonight (.99)

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sheriffAfter catching her boyfriend cheating the week before Christmas, Brinn is seriously lacking in holiday spirit. So when she looks into the eyes of a last-minute shopper after closing on Christmas Eve, she’s sarcastic rather than sympathetic. But Brinn is ever the good girl and her conscience wins out. She offers the handsome stranger ten minutes to select a gift and ends up with a present of her own—a date. On Christmas Eve.

Davis hates Christmas. Especially this year, since a neighborhood heist liberated him of his hard-earned belongings and the few gifts he’d purchased. But the robbery led him to a cute store manager with a sense of humor, smokin’ body and no plans for the evening. Mistletoe might be in order after all.

Their Christmas Eve date is like gift-wrapped, sexy satisfaction. But the best gifts keep on giving, and one naughty night may not be enough—for either of them.


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sheriffDavis hated art; he thought the art world was pretentious and superficial. Until that night in the gallery, art was only an investment to him – something that he could buy now and sell later for a profit. So he was completely unprepared for the emotional punch he experienced when he looked at the paintings on the walls at this gallery. Within five minutes of walking in, he’d bought the entire collection of the anonymous artist.

Kate couldn’t believe she let her friend talk her into showing her paintings. She’d always considered her art work to be private, simply an outlet for her own emotions. If her father ever found out that she painted, he would be disgusted with her. When she meets Davis Alfieri, those emotions take a dangerous, terrifying turn, releasing the pent up passion she’d been pretending wasn’t inside of her.

Forth book in The Alfieri Saga series. Each standalone stories.
Series order: The Italian’s Passionate Return (FREE) | Her Gentle Capture | His Reluctant Lover | Her Unexpected Admirer

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sheriffWith Congressman Brady Maxwell up for reelection and journalist Liz Dougherty about to graduate into a promising career, the ambitious couple’s future is brighter than ever. They share a passion for their work…and for each other. But when Brady holds a press conference to officially introduce Liz as his girlfriend, reporters hungry for a scandal bombard her. Now, her every move is under a vicious magnifying glass, and her life feels like it’s falling apart.

On the road to reelection, the passionate bond between the congressman and the journalist gets tested at every stop. Threatened by shameless media sensationalism and jealous exes, Brady and Liz now have to learn to trust each other despite what they read in the papers.

Third & FINAL book in the Record series. MUST be read in order.
Series order: Off the Record | On the Record | For the Record

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sheriffRed is living life in the spotlight, a place she always dreamed of. Stripping was a way of escaping from her past, and it was something she was well-known for. But, Red’s fight to remain queen isn’t the only battle she’s facing. And when the war against her addiction is won, it’s not in her favor.

Facing three to five years in a federal penitentiary, Red feels like her life is over. But just like he always does, Luke Carmical, her childhood best friend, comes to the rescue. Only this time he’s brought the Devil’s Renegades member Regg with him. Having no other option, Red is forced to spend the next ninety days in a place she’s never been and in the care of a man she hardly knows.

Spending three months of her life on a secluded farm turns out to be a lot more than Red bargained for. Because, it’s there that Regg stands by her side through endless hours of withdrawal, constant mood swings and restless pacing. It’s there that the MC family reminds her of their motto: love, loyalty and respect. And it’s there she learns that hitting rock bottom, doesn’t keep you from falling…in love.


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sheriffAt twenty, Lily Andrews has already lived a lifetime. Her battle with leukemia put her three years behind her ballet career, and now that the grueling treatment is behind her, she’s eager to put her dancing shoes back on—literally and figuratively.

One man has been her personal light at the end of her tunnel, the one man she’s sure will help her rekindle her passion for life. Kahu Winter. And she’ll let nothing stand in the way of having him—not even Kahu himself.

When Kahu catches Lily sneaking into his club, the desire in her eyes tells him it’s more than a delayed act of youthful rebellion. Her lively spirit calls to him, but Kahu is too cynical, too jaded, too broken for a sweet young thing like her.

But Lily won’t take no for answer so he’ll make her a deal: She’s got one month to seduce him and after that, he’s moving on—figuratively and literally.

There’s just one thing he forgot to keep out of her reach. His heart…

Second book in the Living In… series. Each standalone stories.
Series order: Living in Shadow | Living in Sin

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sheriffDeclan Muirfield never planned to return to the hotel where he broke a woman’s heart and destroyed his prospects for a happy ever after. Until he finds himself strapped in Noah Martin’s passenger seat, being driven—against his better judgment—back to the scene of his crime.

Noah’s spent too many years watching while Declan’s lived the life he’s expected to lead rather than following his heart and living the life he wants. Now Noah’s had enough. It’s time for Declan to confront his past so he can embrace his future—with Noah, as it was meant to be.

And if that future should include a beguiling woman with honey-gold hair, all the better. Under the guise of a working weekend, Noah has invited Violet Harper to join them at the luxury vineyard hotel. Perhaps now the unspoken connection between Violet, Declan and himself can finally develop into something tangible.

Almost immediately, sparks flare out of control, and clothes come flying off in a hot whirlwind of desire. But convincing Declan and Violet that the three of them belong together may prove to be the hardest task Noah has ever undertaken.

Third book in the Tastes of Seduction series. Each standalone stories.
Series order: Summer Wine (FREE) | Red Red Wine (.99) | Kisses Sweeter Than Wine

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sheriffCalled an eccentric beast by the citizens of Amesport, Maine, handsome billionaire Grady Sinclair stays isolated in his mansion on a private peninsula. The arrangement suits Grady just fine – until an angelic woman rings his doorbell, awaking his long dormant passion with her fearlessness. All he wants is to make the fiery blonde his forever. But will he have to become the monster everyone thinks he is to get his Christmas wish?

This is a wonderful Christmas audio if you’re looking for something sweetly-sexy to listen to for a few hours. Hero is insta-love from the moment he see’s heroine. “MINE!”

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sheriffHe’ll do anything to protect her….

Former Marine and newest Red Stone Security employee Alexander Blue is still adjusting to the civilian world after a decade spent at war, but when he sees someone in danger, nothing can take away that intrinsic need to protect. After stopping a would-be mugger, Blue finds himself being bandaged up by a sensual local artist in her Key West condo. He never expected to stay the night, even if it is on her couch. The mysterious Mina gets under his skin in a way he never thought possible. When it becomes clear that her mugging wasn’t random and she’s being targeted by deadly men, Blue has no problem stepping into the role of protector.

But she doesn’t want to be saved

Tired of being coddled and treated like a child, Mina has tried to distance herself from her family. When danger finds her, she’s forced to turn to the sexy stranger who she feels a strong, unexpected connection with. In him she sees glimmers of herself; a little broken, withdrawn and wary of the world. Soon she learns that the biggest threat might not be from the men trying to kidnap her, but from the quiet warrior who poses an immediate risk to her heart.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this audio series! They are quick, sexy and the suspense really keep your attention the whole time. Plus it has a great narrator.

Eighth Audio book in the Red Stone Security Series. Each standalone stories.
Series order: No One to Trust | Danger Next Door | Fatal Deception | Miami, Mistletoe & Murder | His to Protect | Breaking Her Rules | Protecting His Witness | Sinful Seduction

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sheriffAbducted at eighteen. Held captive for 15 months.

It reads like one of those headlines. And yes, I did it. I stole her. Nora, with her long dark hair and silky skin. She’s my weakness, my obsession.

I’m not a good man. I never pretended to be one. She can love me, but she can’t change me.

I can, however, change her.

My name is Julian Esguerra, and Nora is mine to keep.

Second book in the Twist Me Trilogy
Series order: Twist MeREVIEW | Keep MeREVIEW

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The Duet

The DuetThe Duet
by R.S. Grey
Published by Indie
on November 7th 2014
Genres: Sexy Romance
Pages: 324
Sex: two-stars
Overall Grade: B

When 27-year-old pop sensation Brooklyn Heart (her popstar siblings Schenectady Heart and Hell's Kitchen Heart were less successful) and steps in front of a microphone, her love songs enchant audiences worldwide. But when it comes to her own love life, the only spell she’s under is a dry one.

So when her label slots her for a Grammy performance with the sexy and soulful Jason Monroe, she can’t help but entertain certain fantasies... those in which her G-string gets more play than her guitars'.
What you did there? I see it. And there is no way anyone who is described as 'sexy and soulful' can give me anything but douche chills

Only one problem. Jason is a lyrical lone wolf that isn’t happy about sharing the stage—nor his ranch — with the sassy singer. But while it may seem like a song entitled ‘Jason Monroe Is an Arrogant Ho’ basically writes itself, their label and their millions of fans are expecting recording gold… Jason Monroe is an arrogant ho, I don't want to talk to him no mo', His peen is divine to blow, it inspires my lady juice to flow... it really does write itself!!

They’re expecting The Duet.

reviewBrooklyn Heart is a worldwide pop phenomenon whose songs blare from every gramophone in all the land. (Can you tell how old I feel writing this?) Think Taylor Swift but with more sex with Colombian models. After said encounter with the aforementioned Colombian ‘hug’ lord, Brooklyn is late for a meeting with the swoonworthy and talented singer Jason Monroe. They’re to perform a duet at the upcoming Grammys, but Jason isn’t thrilled. Brooklyn has just shambled into their meeting smelling of hangover and Colombian model penis. He can’t be expected to work like this, can he? Who do they think he is? He’s a serious singer-songwriter! He probably has a soul patch! He likely has a guitar constructed entirely of earnestness and bad rhyming schemes! He can’t do this with this sparkly novice!

Brooklyn ends up having to decamp to Jason’s Ranch of Soulfulness in Montana to write this song, but she seems to spend most of her time talking to horses and eating. Whenever they try to write, they end up having a tiff. What’s standing in their way? Why, sexual tension, of course! Every time they sit down, pencils in hand, Jason says something enigmatic and brings their session to a close, usually quite rudely. Will they get anything written or will they spend all their time glowering, combing their soul patches and talking to horses?

This book was a surprise. Not all that much happens, but it was really engaging and quite sweet. The sweetness didn’t come from the main couple, however. It came mostly from Brooklyn and her relationship with her sister, Cammie. Grey has a real talent for writing real, funny, warm exchanges. Brooklyn came across as real and substantial – full of humour and wit. Jason was less so, but their enemies-to-friends-to-lovers relationship was sweet.

What really grabbed my interest, though, was Cammie’s relationship with Brooklyn’s friend Grayson. As regular readers know, I always grab onto subplots and usually end up ignoring the main couple for subplotty goodness and that’s exactly what happened here. Cammie, a new graduate is looking for her big break in architecture, is pushed by Brooklyn to take advantage of her friendship with Grayson, a leading architect. Cammie is hesitant, as is Grayson. There’s clearly something going on and I’m dying to know what. Cammie and Grayson’s story will be covered in book 2, and I’m really looking forward to it.

But back to the matter and hand, and despite a weak last-minute conflict (that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense) and a wholly unnecessary denouement (!) marring its common sense approach, it’s a promising, warm-hearted and witty start to the series.


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The Accidental Abduction

The Accidental AbductionThe Accidental Abduction
by Darcie Wilde
Published by Berkley
Genres: Sexy Romance
Sex: three-stars
Overall Grade: C

AmazonBarnes & NoblesGoodreads
After having his proposal rejected by a beautiful but flighty woman, Harry vows he is done with unpredictable and impetuous women for good. Until beautiful and fierce Leannah Wakefield barrels into his life, inadvertently kidnapping him while on a wild carriage ride and leaving him all too eager to get back in the saddle…

Leannah would sacrifice everything to protect her family. So upon hearing of her sister’s intended elopement, she races across London to stop the ill-advised ceremony before it can happen. However, when her mad journey picks her up an unlikely stowaway, one who ignites her desire beyond all reason, she’s the one who ends up hastily wedding a handsome and secretive stranger.

But as Leannah and Harry immediately encounter opposition, jealousy, and suspicion of their hurried nuptials, they begin to doubt that their unquenchable passion can truly lead to a happy marriage—especially when both the bride and groom have devastating secrets to hide…

reviewRight on the heels on having his proposal turned down by a beautiful socialite, Harry Rayburn heads out for a drink, only to be waylaid (and later way laid, if you get me) by a runaway (or so he thinks) carriage, Harry does the decent thing and grabs on in order to rescue the hapless female driver (are they drivers? Coach Colonels? Carriage Commanders?), Leannah. Harry is, however, as wrong about Leannah as he was about his would-have-been fiancée. Leannah is perfectly in control and is on the tail of her sister, Genevieve, and her sister’s fella who are on the way to Gretna Green, Lydia and Wickham-style.

Harry then gets thrown into a domestic of Bennet proportions as he realises that Genevieve isn’t marrying for love, she’s doing it to save Leannah from marrying her intended because of some money bullshit. You know those olde worlde people, they can’t do shit without entering a loveless marriage. It’s a tangle of marriages of convenience, leery rich men, self-sacrificing yet horny young maidens and a slightly bewildered hero. Harry and Leannah’s, um, ‘eventuality’ (no spoilers!) doesn’t make a huge amount of sense, considering how sensible Leannah is. Harry comes across as being a bit mild and meek, being led around by his runaway dick and his bruised pride.

The whole thing is a bit underwhelming. Leannah’s family situation is interesting, as are the many marital arrangements and mean machinations but the main characters’ relationship just didn’t spark for me. It was great at the beginning with that will-they-won’t they tension, but it fizzled out towards the end.

So, while entertaining, this isn’t great if you’re looking for a high-octane romp. And, lest Mistress M decapitate me and dance on my headless (but still beautiful and elegant) body, I’ll re-stress that the book opens with the hero proposing to another woman. Make of that what ye will…


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Love Scars: Bad Boy’s Bride

Love Scars: Bad Boy’s BrideLove Scars
by Nicole Snow
Published by Indie
on October 24th 2014
Genres: Dark, Erotica, Quickie, Sexy Romance
Pages: 156
Sex: five-stars
Overall Grade: B-

AmazonBarnes & NoblesGoodreads

I’m not even sure where to start with this one. I guess I’ll do like the author and go balls deep from the get go, but I’m only going to touch on a few things because the book is somewhat short but has a lot going on. I don’t want to give anything away. David our anti-hero is a giant asshole when he first comes on the scene. To get back at an enemy for an old family debt of vengeance he makes the father of the heroine, Anna, sign her over and belong to him. We first meet him through Anna’s point of view. He comes in and just starts man handling and groping her, trying to make sure she’s a virgin. She tries to fight him off, but he warns it will only make it worse and there is no escaping him.

“All I care about is fitting inside that sweet virgin cunt. You can gawk all you want when my balls are banging against your little ass. Now spread those fine fucking legs and get ready for this. Take a deep breath. ‘cause once it starts, it doesn’t fucking stop.”

I know… all this makes you stabby right? I hate assholes. I try to avoid them the best I can, but oddly enough I wanted David to fuck the shit out of Anna. While his words were harsh at times my body seemed to respond to them. I was highly turned on by this book by 8%. He calls her his pet and wants her to be his forever and birth all the babies he can put inside her. It’s fucking ridiculous, but all I can think is “BREED HER.”

“Every inch of this sweet fucking flesh is mine now, understand? Mine. I’m the one who tells you what this pussy does and when.”

This book does have alternating points of view. I don’t think there is really any other option. Once it flips over to be with David how you are feeling about him starts to change a lot. While he is crude, blunt, and comes off has a dick, he is 100% obsessed with Anna. Then once he starts to get to know her a little he also wants to make her happy and goes to lengths to really show her how much she means to him and what he would do for her. As for our heroine, she is pretty cookie cutter, but that’s to be excepted with a book like this. We’re in it for the dirty breeding sex.

Anna was it, beginning and end, alpha and omega. No damned way I was gonna waste my skin, my seed, my soul on anybody else.

The book is extremely fast past a point that if you look away you could really miss something. Is the story realistic? No. Was is completely out there? Yes. Can I not wait to read the next? Fuck Yes! This one VERY much has a Jordan Silver feel to it, but with a better plot. The hero would and will do anything for the heroine in the end (even though he is a dick at times.) If you’re looking for a kind of captive dark book with a happy ever after that’s just dripping with sex (and other things) this one is it.

*whispers* I highlighted about 70% of this book for its hotness.

Mistress M

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Elias (West Bend Saints)

Elias (West Bend Saints)Elias
by Sabrina Paige
Published by Indie
on November 2nd 2014
Genres: Sexy Romance
Pages: 320
Sex: four-stars
Overall Grade: B


This one was an insta-1-click for me with the crazy good book description. We get a scarred hero who lost his leg in the war and a rags to riches movie star hightailing it out of Hollywood to escape a media fallout. I went in with a mindset of who these characters would be and oddly enough they were nothing like I thought they would be. I was expecting the scarred hero who moped around and bitched about his life and a beautiful movie star who was going to be just perfect in almost every way and bring light into his life. I was wrong. The author gave me so much more than that.

River Anders has to get the fuck out of dodge… well Hollywood. She walked in on her rock star soon to be husband getting a blowie from her sister three hours before their wedding. To top it off she had a reality TV show filming the whole thing. Hitting the road to escape the media frenzy she finds herself in Vegas where she gets a room, crashes the mini bar, and starts chopping and dying her hair to try and keep a low profile. One drunken stumble into the hallway brings her face to face with Elias. The one person who has no fucking clue who she is.

Elias was spending a night in Vegas with his buddies before heading back to his hometown to face the demons of his past. He doesn’t know what he is going to do with his life now that he is no longer in the EOD, but first he needed to check on his mom because his shit for a father died two weeks ago. Then he meets River who puts him on his ass.

“I fucking wanted this girl so bad I could taste it. It was instant, some kind of primal thing, like I was a damn caveman.”

These two are thrown together rather quickly and the insta-loveish lusty thing explodes pretty swiftly. Elias’ inner dialogue when he first runs into Rivers is adorable and made me warm rather fast to him. He immediately wants to go caveman and scream mine for everyone to know. But once he gets an idea of who she is a little bit of insecurities come into play. Luckily they aren’t giant and he doesn’t baby bitch and we get where he is coming from. Why would this beauty who lives the high life want to go with him, the boy who grew up on the wrong side of town? Little does he know life wasn’t perfect for River growing up and living the high life doesn’t always make a person happy.

“I couldn’t imagine why a guy who was with her would want to put his cock anywhere else but inside her.”

As their story unfolds, he helps her escape the media by taking her back to his hometown of West Bend and you learn these two people aren’t as different as they seem. Each of them is trying to hide dark parts of their lives from each other yet they begin to open up to one another and see how alike parts of their lives really are. Both just want someone who loves them…. A family isn’t always through blood and this is something they both have learned in life.

“I’ll still be like that when I’m eighty,” Elias said. “With a fucking hard on for my old lady.”

What really made me love the story was the hero and heroine’s personalities. Both are blunt and pretty to the point about things. I often found myself laughing out loud through most of the book. A lot of what they said and some of the actions felt real and authentic. I also loved that they weren’t just the generic book characters that I thought they would be.

My only main problem with the story is I felt there was so much that needed to be flushed out. Things about the hero’s sister and mother and of course there is something going on in the small town of West Bend. While it peeved me to not get answers I’m thinking more of this will come in the next book with Elias’s brothers. No worries this isn’t a cliffy but I’m thinking a lot of the back plots will be going on throughout the next few books with each book focusing on a different brother. OH! How could I forget to mention the sexy times? They are top notch and in an abundance so no qualms there. Until Sabrina Paige’s next I’ll be patiently waiting or maybe I’ll go read her other series.

Mistress M

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